Jackson County Detention Center

Kansas City, Missouri 

LINK serves as the owner’s representative for the new Jackson County Detention Center, taking the lead in communications and public involvement. Collaborating with the prime consultant, we develop strategies, tools, and reports to keep county stakeholders, staff, and the general public informed about the progress of designing and constructing the new detention center. Our expertise supports the largest project for the Kansas City metropolitan area the county has undertaken. 


Barney Allis Plaza Redevelopment

Kansas City, Missouri 

As a vital member of the owner’s representative team for the new Barney Allis Plaza, LINK takes charge of managing various aspects such as public art, M/WBE compliance, and stormwater management. Our responsibilities encompass effective communication with key stakeholders, city staff, the City Council, and advisory councils.

Lancaster County Detention and Correctional Facility

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

As a key member of the CGL owner’s representative team, LINK is actively involved in brand development and public outreach strategies for the new Lancaster County Detention and Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania. Our comprehensive scope includes creating a brand toolkit and essential materials such as a project website, talking points, and fact sheets to facilitate effective public outreach throughout the design and construction phases.

City of Raytown

Raytown, Missouri

In 2022, the City of Raytown presented a significant $40+ million general obligation bond issue to its community. As a trusted partner, LINK provided communication advisory services to the City, focusing on infrastructure planning, community engagement, and collaboration with aldermen for the project’s success. Working closely with key stakeholders, including the city’s administrator, economic development director, public works director, and public information officer, the LINK team developed a comprehensive program to effectively inform and educate the community about the important aspects related to general obligation bond issuances.

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

Kansas City, Missouri

LINK plays an integral role as part of the Project Management Consulting Services (PMCS) team for the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA). Our responsibilities encompass managing activities related to public art and compliance. This includes effective communication with key stakeholders, KCATA staff, municipal partners, and advisory councils.

National Aviation Market

Orlando, Florida

LINK partnered with NV5 to support the expansion of their portfolio by venturing into the aviation market. Our collaboration involved conducting a comprehensive market study to identify the strengths and weaknesses of NV5 in the context of engineering and construction firms within the aviation industry. Additionally, LINK provided invaluable assistance in developing contracts and establishing professional partnerships with key players in the aviation sector for NV5.

 The District of Columbia,
Department of Corrections

Washington, D.C.

LINK is partnered with CGL as part of the owner’s representative team and the Department of Corrections to lead Communication Strategy and Public Engagement Planning for a new Annex to the Washington D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility. Our team implemented effective communication strategies to ensure that all stakeholders remained informed about the project. Strategies included a project website, public outreach meetings, development of presentations, fact sheets, and talking points for consistent messaging, and surveys to staff, local residents and advocacy groups for Programming Input for the new facility.

 St. Teresa’s Academy

Kansas City, Missouri

LINK serves as the owner’s representative for St. Teresa’s Academy (STA) and their Ignite the Future Campaign. Through careful planning and assessments, STA will enhance their historic campus in order to meet the needs of the 21st century student. As the owner’s representative, LINK is leading the development of a design and construction message to assist with fundraising, assist in the development of tools such as renderings and branding of the master plan, and qualifying design firms for STA to review and interview for future design services related to the campaign projects.

                 City of Parkville MO

City of Parkville, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri

LINK spearheaded the development of a comprehensive strategy and communication program aimed at informing voters in the City of Parkville, Missouri, about two crucial tax initiatives on the April 2023 ballot. These initiatives included a public safety sales tax, intended to attract and retain police department staff, as well as a use tax designed to prioritize infrastructure and capital projects for sustaining community services.Our team crafted key messages to educate and engage Parkville residents, emphasizing the importance of these voting initiatives. Employing a brand-centric approach, we developed an informal tagline, educational talking points, and a robust communication strategy to foster trust and transparency with the public. To effectively reach voters, we implemented various communication initiatives, including social media posts, print collateral, meeting support materials, and the creation of an interactive website.

Kansas City Public Radio

Kansas City, Missouri

LINK serves as the owner’s representative for the construction of KCUR 89.3’s new home along Troost Ave. Our comprehensive services include coordinating activities for the completion of a feasibility study, site selection, and capital campaign. As part of our role, the LINK team collaborates closely with UMKC faculty and staff to ensure seamless programming and site selection activities.

Berks County Correctional Facility

Berks County, Pennsylvania

LINK takes on the role of owner’s representative team lead, overseeing communications and public outreach for the new Berks County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania. Collaborating closely with owner’s representative CGL, we developed a compelling brand and tagline to serve as the project’s guiding point throughout its design and construction phases. Our team also implemented effective communication strategies to ensure all stakeholders remained informed about the project’s progress. This included the creation of a bilingual project website, facilitation of public outreach meetings, and development of presentations, fact sheets, and talking points for consistent messaging.

KC Water Services

Kansas City, Missouri 

LINK collaborates with the Burns & McDonnell engineering consulting team on KC Water’s groundbreaking Smart Sewer program. This visionary initiative entails a 25-year, $4.5 billion plan to enhance the city’s sewer system by effectively separating sewer and stormwater functions. Within this program, the LINK team plays a crucial role in providing a comprehensive communication strategy and identifying potential grant funding opportunities for the implementation of green infrastructure plans aligned with the City’s redevelopment guidelines. Our collaborative efforts involve working closely with city staff, contractors, the development community, and city codes to develop successful approaches for integrating green infrastructure into the design specifications of both private and public projects.

Kissick Construction

  Kansas City, Missouri 

LINK offers comprehensive consulting services to strengthen Kissick Construction Company’s marketing and business development endeavors. Our dedicated roles include developing strategic plans for public relations, marketing, and business development activities. As part of the LINK team, we collaborate closely with the internal Kissick team to support existing clients and cultivate new relationships with both public and private clients.

Kansas City Aviation Department

Kansas City, Missouri 

LINK, as part of the Wellner Architects team, played a vital role in providing construction administration services for the re-roofing project of the largest airport hangar at the City’s international airport. Our collaboration involved working closely with the Aviation Department’s staff, consulting engineers, and architects to meticulously document and supervise the installation of the new roof for the Super Hangar at the airport.

Architecture One

Topeka, Kansas 

LINK conducted a comprehensive market analysis for Architecture One, a thriving architectural firm. The project entailed evaluating the firm’s business development and marketing strategies. Leveraging the research findings, LINK collaborated with Architecture One to devise and execute strategic solutions that capitalize on growth and profitability opportunities within target markets.

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